Smart 1:1s overview
Smart 1:1s make it easy for you to automatically schedule, reschedule, and manage your one-on-one meetings.
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What are Smart 1:1s?

Smart 1:1s enable you to put your one-on-one meetings on autopilot. They find the best time for both organizer and attendee to meet—across multiple schedules and timezones—and reschedule when conflicts occur.

Why use Smart 1:1s?

One-on-one meetings are often the highest-priority meetings on your calendar. Whether they're with direct reports, managers, or cross-functional team members, one-on-ones are an important aspect of building and maintaining relationships.

But with things changing on your (and your colleagues') calendars all the time, it can be challenging to keep your one-on-ones scheduled at the right times. For example, a last-minute customer meeting that interrupts your normally scheduled time. Smart 1:1s dynamically move your 1:1 meetings as your schedule changes.

Additionally, Smart 1:1s shift between Free and Busy depending on how busy your mutual calendars are in order to defend time on your calendar while remaining flexible.

Smart 1:1s allow you to focus on having a great meeting and do what you do best -- without having to worry about moving events around on your calendar.

How Smart 1:1s show up on the calendar

Smart 1:1s will show up on your calendar as normal calendar events. You can modify them, RSVP to them, and delete them as you would any other event. Reclaim will respond to those changes as inputs to reschedule or skip the Smart 1:1 event.

Here's an example of what a Smart 1:1 event might look like on your calendar:

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