What are Smart 1:1s?

Smart 1:1s from Reclaim enable you to put your one-on-ones on autopilot. They automatically find the best time for both you and your attendees to meet -- across multiple schedules and timezones -- and reschedule when conflicts occur to the next best time. In just a few minutes, you can convert all your existing 1:1s to Smart 1:1s (or create brand-new ones) to take the scheduling off your plate and let Reclaim do the work.

Why should I use Smart 1:1s?

One-on-ones are some of the highest-priority meetings on your calendar. Whether they're with direct reports, managers, or cross-functional team members, one-on-ones are an important aspect of building and maintaining relationships. They're also imperative to staying updated on key projects and initiatives.

But with things changing on your (and your colleagues') calendars all the time, it can be challenging to keep your one-on-ones scheduled at the right times. For example, sometimes you might go on vacation for a week and forget to reschedule your 1:1. Or, even more commonly, sometimes your attendee has a last-minute customer meeting that interrupts your normally scheduled time. It can be painful responding to these changes and finding a new time for both attendees that works.

Smart 1:1s allow you to focus on having a great meeting and do what you do best, without having to worry about moving events around on your calendar.

Who can I invite to a Smart 1:1?

You can invite anyone -- inside or outside of your organization -- to a Smart 1:1. When you send an invitation to someone for a Smart 1:1, they will be prompted to sign up for Reclaim (or log in if they're already a user).

Having accurate access to both attendees' timezones, free/busy times, and meeting hours is critical to 1:1s getting scheduled at the right times. By having both parties provide Reclaim with access to their calendars and meeting hours, risk of mis-scheduling is virtually eliminated.

What goes into a Smart 1:1?

Smart 1:1s contain all the information that Reclaim needs to get your 1:1s scheduled automatically, and give you simple-but-powerful controls for expressing the time boundaries associated with your 1:1 meeting. Here's a quick overview of what goes into a Smart 1:1, and what each section means:

  1. Invitee: this is the email of the person you're planning to meet with. They can be someone inside or outside of your organization, and they do not need to have a Reclaim account to receive an invite.

  2. Title: this is the name of the events that will be scheduled for the Smart 1:1. Reclaim will give the event a title automatically ("Your Name / Their Name 1:1") or you can customize it to your liking.

  3. Description: this is a description that will be added to all the events associated with the Smart 1:1. For example, it can be used to add a link to a rolling agenda containing notes for each 1:1.

  4. Frequency: you can use this to tell Reclaim to book 1:1s on a weekly, biweekly (every other week), monthly, or quarterly cadence.

  5. Scheduling preference: this tells Reclaim whether you'd like to simply use both attendees' mutual meeting hours and let Reclaim automatically schedule within those hours, or if you'd like to pick a subset of eligible days and times within your mutual meeting hours to schedule 1:1s. Note: both of these options will respect your mutual meeting hours!

  6. Time range: you can tell Reclaim ideally what time and day you'd like to have the meeting, how long it should be, and optionally a range of days that are appropriate for the meeting to be scheduled.

  7. Video conferencing: you can add a Google Meet or Zoom link to the event, or leave this option unselected if you don't want videoconferencing. Note: you can also add links to videoconferences on Smart 1:1 events directly from Google Calendar after they've been scheduled.

  8. Location: you can paste in a videoconference link here, or add a physical location where you'd like to meet. This will show up in the Location field of Google Calendar events.

  9. Optional note: you can use this to write a note that will be added to the email Reclaim sends as part of a Smart 1:1 invite.

  10. Send invitation: this will save the 1:1 and send off an invitation email to the attendee so they can get started.

How do Smart 1:1s show up on the calendar?

Smart 1:1 events will not be scheduled on your calendar until the attendee has accepted it. Again, this ensures that Reclaim has enough information to know how to schedule the events between both parties.

Smart 1:1s will show up on your calendar as normal calendar events. You can modify them, RSVP to them, and delete them as you would any other event, and Reclaim will respond to those changes as inputs to reschedule or skip the event if necessary. Additionally, Smart 1:1s use Reclaim's intelligent scheduling platform to dynamically shift between Free and Busy depending on how busy your mutual calendars are.

Here's an example of what a Smart 1:1 event might look like on your calendar:

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