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Do my attendees have to use Reclaim to be invited to Smart 1:1s?
Do my attendees have to use Reclaim to be invited to Smart 1:1s?

Anyone can be invited to a Smart 1:1 — inside or outside of your organization — depending on calendar access.

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All Reclaim users can organize Smart 1:1s — meaning you create a new Smart 1:1, set the preferences for the event, and invite another user to that recurring meeting. Lite users are limited to creating one Smart 1:1 as the organizer, Starter plan users can create up to three, and Business or Enterprise plans can organize unlimited Smart 1:1s (learn more about feature access across plans here).

While there are some limits to how many Smart 1:1s you can create as an organizer, anyone can be invited to unlimited Smart 1:1s regardless of Reclaim membership or subscription status.

Depending on who the attendee is and what visibility Reclaim has into their calendar, different workflows will occur.

When creating a Smart 1:1, you will see an indicator as to whether Reclaim requires someone to join Reclaim in order to invite them to a Smart 1:1. If they don't need to be invited, you'll see an indicator that looks like this:

If Reclaim cannot access the user's calendar without them signing up, you'll see this experience:

Invitees within your organization

If you invite someone within your workspace domain, they do not need to sign up or log into Reclaim as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The invitee has an email address domain that matches your Reclaim email

  • Reclaim is able to validate that you have access to the attendee's calendar

If the above criteria aren't met, the invitee will have to sign up for Reclaim to accept your Smart 1:1 invite.

Invitees outside of your organization

An invitee who is outside of the organizer’s organization will be prompted to:

  • Create a Reclaim account, unless they have previously shared their calendar with the organizer allowing them to view their availability

  • Log into their Reclaim account if they are an existing Reclaim user.

Managing access to a calendar

Within an organization, most shared email address domains will have access to one another’s calendars. This may be preventable by an organization’s IT department.

Shared calendar access may be managed through your Google Calendar sharing settings. Refer to this guide for more information.

Why some Smart 1:1 attendees have to sign up for Reclaim

It's important for Reclaim to have access to both participants' calendars so meetings can be accurately and consistently scheduled across a variety of factors. While it's technically possible in some cases for Reclaim to detect things like time zone and availability for a user for whom we don't have calendar access, it's unreliable and far from guaranteed.

By having both participants provide access to their calendars as part of scheduling a Smart 1:1, Reclaim can ensure that it has visibility into the following:


Reclaim can accurately detect the timezones for both attendees, and update those timezones when they change.


Reclaim can definitively know the free/busy information for both attendees, and keep 1:1 meetings up-to-date with changes to the schedule in real time. Additionally, because both users have access to Calendar Sync in Reclaim, you can ensure that events from other calendars (e.g., a personal calendar) get reflected in that availability as well.

Meeting Hours

Reclaim lets both users set their own meeting hours so Reclaim knows when it's ok to schedule Smart 1:1s. This is something that is near-impossible to get from Google natively without having users set it in Reclaim, as Google Calendar doesn't offer any kind of API for its working hours feature.

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