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Add agendas to Smart Meetings
Add agendas to Smart Meetings

Learn how to set an agenda or notes for your Smart Meetings, and natively integrate with apps like Google Docs, Lattice, and

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It's easy to do things like add a a rolling agenda, docs, or notes to your Smart Meeting events, and natively integrate agenda tools you might already be using including Lattice,, and more.

How agendas work in Google Calendar

You can add notes or an agenda to recurring Google Calendar events to stay on track of meeting outcomes and action items. These are included on the actual calendar events for quick access.

There are three options for how you can edit these on your events in Google Calendar:

  • This event: Add an agenda to one specific instance (e.g., if you track agendas manually using bullets, you can make an agenda for just that meeting, or if you have a guest attendee and want to make an exception to a normal rolling agenda)

  • This and following events: Add an agenda to this meeting instance, and all the following events (e.g., you updated an agenda going forward and want to attach a new rolling doc or change the bullets)

  • All events: Overwrite the agenda for all time, including on past events (e.g., the attached agenda is not the one you use and you want to update it across all events)

Add agendas to Smart Meetings

Associating your agendas in Google Calendar, or with tools like Lattice or, will work with your Smart Meetings just the same as they would on any normal recurring meeting event.

Let's take a look at a few different ways to add an agenda to your Smart Meetings.

via Reclaim

You can add an agenda, doc, report or any other link to your Smart Meetings that will be included on the calendar events for easy access. To add an ongoing agenda to all your Smart Meetings:

  1. Navigate to your Smart Meetings page.

  2. Edit an existing meeting you are the organizer of, or create a new Smart Meeting.

  3. Under 'Description', drop in notes, links, or any other docs you want included on your calendar events. The notes field supports markdown formatting, learn more in this doc.

  4. All Smart Meetings in this series will now include your agenda or other notes right in the calendar event.

You can also change this notes section at any time from the Smart Meetings page, or from the Planner by clicking on the Smart Meeting event and selecting Edit this & following in the sidebar to make any updates.

Note: While you can choose to edit the agenda or notes of 'This event', 'this and following events', or 'All events' in Google Calendar – edits made in the Reclaim app will only apply to 'This and following' instances in the Smart Meetings series.

If you want to edit a single event, or override all events in the series, you'll need to go so on the event from in Google Calendar. More info in the section below!

via Google Calendar

Since Reclaim Smart Meetings are true recurring events in Google Calendar, you can also make updates to the events directly from in Google Calendar as you would any normal repeating meeting:

  1. Click the Smart Meeting event in Google Calendar and select Edit.

  2. Update the agenda or other details.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Select whether you want the edits to apply to just this event, this and following events, or all events in this recurring series.

via Google Docs

You can also attach agendas or notes directly to your Smart Meetings from in Google Docs.

  1. Open a Google Doc.

  2. Type '@'

  3. Click Meeting notes from the Building Blocks section.

  4. Search for your Smart Meeting event by title.

  5. If you're the meeting organizer, click Share & attach to attach the Doc to all your recurring events,

  6. If you're not the meeting organizer, click Share which will invite the organizer to add it to the calendar event.

You now have an updating rolling agenda included directly in all of your Smart Meeting events. You can edit the attachments with the steps in the above section from in Google Calendar.

via Lattice

There are also third party apps that offer advanced agenda features for your repeating meetings, like Lattice. Because Reclaim's Smart Meetings are recurring events just as native Google Calendar events are – Lattice's 1:1s tool for managers and employees to collaborate on a shared agenda is compatible with Reclaim.

To sync a Lattice 1:1 agenda to a Smart Meeting:

  1. Have a account and a Lattice account.

  2. In Lattice, navigate to your 1:1:

    1. If you are creating a new 1:1: Navigate to Add 1:1 > Connect to an existing calendar event.

    2. If you are editing an existing 1:1: Navigate to Home. Select the participant's name to open the agenda and select Settings > Connect to an existing calendar event.

  3. Under 'Connect to an existing calendar', select Google Calendar.

  4. Click Allow to authorize the Lattice integration.

  5. Select the calendar on which the Smart Meeting event scheduling on.

  6. Select the recurring Smart Meeting event that will sync to your 1:1.

Navigate 1:1 Agendas as a Direct Report – Lattice Help Center

Your Lattice agenda will be included on your recurring Smart Meetings - just as it would a regular Google Calendar event - and update when your meeting auto-reschedules around conflicts via Reclaim. Learn more in this Lattice help doc.

via Fellow

Similarly to Lattice, you can add a agenda or notes to your recurring Smart Meetings as well.

To sync 1-on-1 notes to a Smart Meeting:

  1. Have a account and a account.

  2. Make sure you've integrated your calendar in

  3. Navigate to your 1-on-1s in or create a new 1-on-1.

  4. To sync your 1-on-1 notes to your Reclaim Smart Meeting, click No event in the upper right corner.

  5. Select the Smart Meeting event you want to sync your notes to from the recurring calendar event options that are available.

  6. Click Confirm to finish syncing.

You'll now be able to track your notes and items from recurring Smart Meetings right in, and maximize your productivity by auto-scheduling the meeting with Reclaim. Learn more in this help doc.

Other integrations with Smart Meetings

One of the great things about Smart Meetings is that they can integrate seamlessly with any platform that uses recurring events as an anchor. These are just a few of the tools Reclaim's Smart Meetings natively support so you and your team can start auto-scheduling your meetings and make the most of your collaborative time.

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