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Editing videoconferencing for a Smart 1:1 from Google Calendar
Editing videoconferencing for a Smart 1:1 from Google Calendar
You can edit videoconference links on your Smart 1:1s directly from Google Calendar. Here's how.
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You can use Reclaim's built-in integrations with Zoom and Google Meet to add videoconferencing to a Smart 1:1 from within Reclaim, or you can add those links directly to the calendar event.

Edit via a Google Calendar add-on

When using a Google calendar add-on to add a videoconference link to any Smart 1:1 event, it will overwrite any existing videoconference information for all events in that Smart 1:1's series.

Note: The only editable field in Google Calendar that will apply to all events is the videoconference field, which is typically reserved for Google Calendar add-ons.

Edit the videoconferencing using the Location field

Pasting a link in the Location field of a Smart 1:1 from Google Calendar will only add the videoconferencing for that specific Smart 1:1 event.

Note: If you use a Chrome extension (e.g., Zoom's Chrome extension) to add videoconferencing, that integration may use the Location field on the event.

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