Only Reclaim users can create a Smart 1:1, but anyone can be invited to a Smart 1:1. Depending on who the attendee is, different workflows will occur.

Learn more at Why some Smart 1:1 attendees have to sign up for Reclaim.

Invitees within the organization

An invitee within the same organization as the Smart 1:1 organizer does not need to sign up or log into Reclaim as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The invitee has an email address domain that matches the organizer’s primary email.

  • Reclaim is able to validate the the organizer has access to the attendee's calendar.

If an invitee from the same organization as the organizer disabled internal visibility/sharing settings of their calendar, the invitee will have to sign up for Reclaim to accept the Smart 1:1 invite.

Invitees outside of the organization

An invitee who is outside of the organizer’s organization will be prompted to

  • Create a Reclaim account, unless they have previously shared their calendar with the organizer allowing them to view their availability.

  • Log into their Reclaim account if they are an existing Reclaim user.

Managing access to a calendar

Within an organization, most shared email address domains will have access to one another’s calendars. This may be preventable by an organization’s IT department.

For meeting participants with non-matching email address domains, shared calendar access may be managed through Google Calendar share settings. Refer to share your calendar with someone else for instructions.

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