Reclaim's Slack integration can automatically update your Slack status based on the events that Reclaim detects on your calendar. In just a few steps, we'll show you how to turn Status Sync on and customize it to your liking.

Quick overview

Reclaim's Slack integration can automatically update your status as well as set you to Do Not Disturb during events where you want to stay in focus mode. You can decide which categories of events you want your status updated for, whether or not you want to set the status to Do Not Disturb, and even customize what the status message looks like.

Reclaim automatically detects and categorizes events on your calendar, so there's no need for you to do anything besides turn the feature on in Slack and make it your own.

How to turn it on

To turn on this feature, you first have to have the Reclaim Slack integration added to your workspace and have an active Reclaim account connected to it.

Once you have the Slack integration set up and connected -- or if you've already set it up -- go to the Slack integration's Home page, click Settings and then click Turn On next to "Status Sync":

Once you've completed that step, Status Sync is on. You'll start to see your Slack status show next to your username in Slack:

Customizing your Status Sync settings

Now we're going to show you how to control how your status appears to others in Slack. To get started, go to Settings from the Slack integration and click "Status Settings":

Reclaim gives you three options for setting your status automatically:

  • Status determined by Category: this setting will automatically set your status to a default message that shows the category of the calendar event and no other details (e.g., "In a 1:1").

  • Set status to "Busy" for all events: this setting will automatically set your status to "Busy" for all events and no other details.

  • Custom status + do not disturb: this setting will allow you to set your own status messages as well as turn on Do Not Disturb for particular categories of events.

The first two options don't allow for any customization of status type or message, and will just update your status in Slack when an event is occurring.

The third option gives you maximum control over your status message as well as control over whether your status gets merely updated vs. getting changed to Do Not Disturb. Let's talk about how to use it.

Using custom status updates

When you select Custom status + do not disturb from the Status Sync Settings menu, you'll see a list of options appear for you to customize how your Slack status appears to others:

As you can see, you can set the Status Message to whatever you'd like to show by event category. For example, you could set your status for Personal events to "I'm doing something personal".

You can also opt to include the title of the event automatically using a handy parameter called {title}. You can use this parameter to show the title of the event as it appears to you on your calendar.

Example: setting a custom status for Deep Solo Work events

Heads down on - {title}: will show the status message of "Heads down on - [Title as shown to you on your calendar]" anything Reclaim detects that you're in a Deep Solo Work event.

Setting events to Do Not Disturb

You can also opt to turn on Do Not Disturb for events by category. Do Not Disturb is off by default, as it is a more aggressive kind of status update: rather than just updating your status, Do Not Disturb will actually snooze notifications for calls and messages in Slack if enabled.

To set Do Not Disturb for certain categories of events, select "Custom status + do not disturb", then check the box next to "Also enable Do Not Disturb" under a category you'd like to enable Do Not Disturb for.

The first time you enable Do Not Disturb, you'll be prompted to give the Slack integration an additional permission to set Do Not Disturb on your behalf. Click the link and finish setting up permissions in the browser window that opens:

Once you've given Reclaim that additional permission, you can add whatever categories you'd like to enable Do Not Disturb for:

Once you've turned on Do Not Disturb for a given category, anytime you're busy for an event in that category your colleagues will get a note in Slack that you've paused notifications when they attempt to send you a message. You also will not receive any Slack notifications for incoming calls or messages when Do Not Disturb is enabled.

Things to know

  • If you're using the default privacy setting for your Habits in Reclaim, Reclaim will show the full name of that Habit in your Slack Status, regardless of which privacy setting you've picked in the Slack integration.

  • Reclaim will only set your status for events that are marked as Busy, and won't set your Slack status for any events that you've RSVP'd "No" to.

  • If two or more events are overlapping and conflicting on your calendar, Reclaim will pick whichever event starts the latest between the conflicting events.

  • If two or more events are overlapping and conflicting with the exact same time range (e.g., Event A and Event B are both from 10-11am) Reclaim will pick the most recently updated event.

  • Reclaim will automatically clear your status if the event on your calendar is removed.

  • If you opt to "Clear Status" via your Slack profile settings, Reclaim will not re-attempt to set your status. It will remain cleared until a new event occurs that triggers a status sync.

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