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What happens at the end of a free trial?
What happens at the end of a free trial?

After your trial, you may lose access to some paid features. Here's a breakdown of how that works.

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Reclaim offers a free, no-commitment 14-day trial for every new account created so you have a chance to try Reclaim's features and decide what's right for you.

Should you choose not to upgrade by the end of your trial, your account will be switched to our free Lite plan automatically, and you will never be charged unless you upgrade to a paid plan of Reclaim.

However, to reduce any disruption on your calendar, Reclaim has a unique way of dealing with "feature overage" that occurs during a trial: it will still schedule events normally on your calendar for any features that are outside of the free Lite edition, but the next time you login to Reclaim, you will see that your account is limited until you either upgrade to a paid plan or downgrade your usage to the Lite edition.

This is intended to give you a window of time after a trial to make a decision without messing up your calendar. For more information on how to fix a limited account, please check out this doc.

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