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Reclaim Legacy plans (Free, Pro, & Team)
Reclaim Legacy plans (Free, Pro, & Team)

Learn about Reclaim's original Legacy plans and what has improved with our new plans.

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What are Reclaim Legacy plans?

Reclaim originally offered three different pricing plans for your teams: Free, Pro, and Team. We’ve now launched a new and improved pricing model and these ‘Legacy plans’ are no longer available for new users to purchase.

If you are currently on a paid Legacy plan (Pro or Team), there is no change for your Reclaim account. You can continue to use the features included in that plan type, add or remove users, and renew your plan as usual. That being said, there are some awesome improvements in our new plans that offer you even more capabilities with Reclaim.

Let’s go over some of the differences with the new Reclaim plans (Lite, Starter, Business, and Enterprise) and what it means for you if you are still on a Pro or Team paid Legacy plan. Check out our pricing page for an in-depth view of what’s included with the new plans.

If you purchased a paid Legacy plan

If you purchased a month-to-month or annual Pro or Team plan before April 13th, 2023, you can continue to use your Legacy plan. While you don’t have to switch to the new available plans, they do offer additional features and capabilities, and features released in the future will not be added to those Legacy plans.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new plans and how they compare to our Legacy plans:

Free vs. Lite

We want everyone to have access to Reclaim, and we are proud to still offer a 100% free forever plan for users, which is now called the Lite plan. The Lite plan is available for single users only to help take back control of your calendar with essential smart time blocking features.

Lite includes everything that was previously included in the Legacy Free plan, and even adds two key features that were previously unavailable for Free users. As a Lite user:

  • You can now organize up to one Smart 1:1 meeting

  • You can create up to one Scheduling Link

If you were a Legacy Free Reclaim user, you’ve automatically been transitioned into the new Lite plan with unlocked features. There’s nothing else you need to do to take advantage of it!

Pro vs. Starter

The new Starter plan replaces our Legacy Pro plan, and also offers new unlocked features for users. The Starter plan is designed for teams up to 10 users or for individuals looking to optimize their meetings and get more focus time on the calendar.

Starter includes everything that was previously included in the Legacy Pro plan, and even adds several key features previously unavailable for Pro users. As a Starter user, you can now:

  • Create up to three Smart 1:1s as the organizer

  • Create up to three Scheduling Links as a Starter user

  • Access all project management and task integrations, including Asana, Jira, Clickup, and Linear (previously limited to Todoist only on the Pro plan)

It’s easy to switch to the new Starter plan from your Billing & Team page.

Team vs. Business

Our Business plan replaces our Team plan, and is for teams up to 100 users prioritizing productivity and work-life balance for employees.

Business includes everything previously included in the Legacy Team plan, and even adds a key new feature previously unavailable for Team users. As a Business user, you can now:

  • Create unlimited Scheduling Links

It’s easy to switch to the new Business plan from your Billing & Team page.


Enterprise is an entirely-new plan type for teams of greater than 100 users who want enterprise-grade support and security. Enterprise offers all the same features as Business, but includes key features for larger organizations: SSO and SCIM user provisioning controls as well as the ability to roll out a federated template for Slack status messages.

Scheduling Links feature availability

The other change for Legacy plan users comes with our Scheduling Links feature exiting public beta. If you aren't a user of Scheduling Links currently, and are on a Legacy plan today – this change will not affect your Reclaim account.

If you were using the Scheduling Link feature in public beta on a Legacy plan, access to this feature will be limited moving forward. Here is how the feature will be available to users across different plans:

New Plans:

  • Lite: 1 Scheduling Link

  • Starter: 3 Scheduling Links

  • Business: Unlimited Scheduling Links

  • Enterprise: Unlimited Scheduling Links

Legacy Plans

  • Free (automatically transitioned to Lite): 1 Scheduling Link

  • Pro: 1 Scheduling Link

  • Team: 1 Scheduling Link

We recommend that Legacy plan users of Scheduling Links switch to one of the new plans to continue booking their meetings through Reclaim, which can be done via your Billing & Team page.

Upgrading to a new plan from a Legacy plan

Upgrading to a new plan from a Legacy one is simple, and can be done self-serve via the Billing & Team page.

The biggest difference for teams moving to a new plan is they can no longer mix and match plan types in a single account. In other words, all users in the team must be on the same plan type when purchasing a new plan. So for example, if you have 8 users on your team and are interested in moving to the Starter plan, you will need to purchase Starter seats for each member of the team.

Note that once you’ve upgraded to a new plan from a Legacy plan, you cannot move back to a Legacy plan.

You can learn more about what the new plans include on our pricing page. Feel free to reach out to our support team with any other pricing or plan questions at [email protected].

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