What's different about Reclaim?

Here's what makes Reclaim stand out from other calendar apps on the market.

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Reclaim works with your existing calendars and fully automates the stress of managing your schedule manually — so you can defend time for your priorities and focus on the things you do best.

If you've ever tried time blocking before, you know how time consuming it is to manually schedule out your week and then also try to keep up with changes to your perfect plan. Traditionally time blocked calendars just aren't adaptive, which means that inbound conflicts or last-minute changes create even more work in managing your calendar.

And if you're a busy person, you know that blocking out your entire calendar with the word 'busy' doesn't necessarily mean you don't get interrupted: in fact, it creates even more work for you, because now you have to deal with people sending you Slack messages asking if you really need that time block, or if they can overbook it.

Reclaim does a couple things very differently:

Prioritized scheduling

Create intentional time blocks for specific routines, tasks, and meetings, and tell Reclaim how to you want to prioritize them in your workweek. This lets you make tradeoffs around your time, and better communicate context to your coworkers without them having to bother you to see if your 'Focus Time' block is 'real'.

Flexible and adaptive time blocking

Let Reclaim flexibly adapt your schedule to your changing availability. if you've got plenty of free time for your routines and to-dos in the week, we leave that space open for collaboration. But if your schedule starts to book up, we'll lock things down to give you the time you need for the things you want to get done. Like a circuit breaker, but for your time.

Smarter scheduling for busy teams

We believe that smart time blocking is realistic and responsive. Reclaim does the heavy lifting of planning out the perfect workweek around all of your and your team's priorities, so everyone can maximize their limited time.

If you've tried everything looking for a power tool for your calendar — this is it. If you're ready to experience the difference for yourself, get started free here.

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