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Getting started with Reclaim
Using event hashtags
Use #reclaim_free to create "No meeting" days or times
Use #reclaim_free to create "No meeting" days or times
Add the hashtag #reclaim_free to your calendar event to indicate that you're busy, but you still want Reclaim to schedule Tasks and Habits.
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Establishing individual or team "no meeting" days can be quickly implemented by blocking out your calendar for the day and marking the event as Busy. This will tell calendar platforms and scheduling services that you are unavailable for meetings.

However, you may want to indicate to Reclaim that you're free for Habits and Tasks to be scheduled during that time, despite the event indicating that you're busy. To do this, add a Reclaim hashtag of #reclaim_free, like so:

With an event like this on your calendar, you'll appear busy to anyone seeking time for a meeting, but still free to Reclaim, allowing all your Habits and Tasks to get scheduled.

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