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Using event hashtags
Use #reclaim_free to create No-Meeting Days or times
Use #reclaim_free to create No-Meeting Days or times

Add the hashtag #reclaim_free to your calendar event to indicate that you're busy, but you still want Reclaim to schedule Tasks and Habits.

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Blocking out your calendar for the day in Google Calendar and marking the event as 'Busy' is a quick way to defend a full day from meetings. This will tell calendar platforms and scheduling services that you are unavailable for meetings.

But if you want to make the most of your meeting-free day, you can set a smart No-Meeting Day using the hashtag #reclaim_free. Reclaim will mark the day as busy for new meeting invitations, but keep you free to schedule Tasks and Habits so you can focus on productive work.

Set a No-Meeting Day in Google Calendar

Reclaim supports several event hashtags in Google Calendar. To create a No-Meeting Day:

  1. Create a Google Calendar event and add the Reclaim hashtag #reclaim_free in the title or description.

  2. Mark the event as 'Busy'.

  3. Hit save.

You can use the #reclaim_free hashtag for all-day events to protect a full day from meetings, or add it to individual events to defend a specific time block on the calendar.

With an event like this on your calendar, you'll appear busy to anyone seeking time for a meeting, but will still appear as free to Reclaim โ€” allowing all your Habits and Tasks to get scheduled in your No-Meeting Day.

Weekly No-Meeting Days

To defend a No-Meeting Day every week, set the event to repeat on your preferred cadence. The hashtag will be automatically applied to future events to keep your time defended from meetings.

Create a team No-Meeting Day

To create a No-Meeting Day for your whole team or company, follow the same steps as above and simply 'Add guests' to invite other team members to the event. Now the whole team has time defended from meetings to get independent work done.

Note: Setting a No-Meeting Day will not delete already scheduled meeting events on those days.

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