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Reserve dedicated time for meetings with #reclaim_busy
Reserve dedicated time for meetings with #reclaim_busy

Use the hashtag #reclaim_busy to prevent Habits and Tasks from being scheduled during a time block to ensure you're available for meetings.

Updated over a week ago

Reclaim's Habits and Tasks features are thoughtfully designed to help you deal with the tension of being available to meet with people while also having heads-down time to work or focus on your personal wellbeing. This works by carefully choosing when to mark events as free or busy.

But sometimes, no matter how much you want to get certain Habits done or certain Tasks are overdue, you need to make some space to meet with a customer or coworker. Fortunately, there is an easy way to mark certain time on your calendar as a "no go zone" for Reclaim's scheduler.

Simply create an event marked as "free" (so that people who want to meet with you know you're available) but add the hashtag #reclaim_busy to it. This will tell Reclaim's scheduler to treat that time as busy, despite it being marked as free.

Now, this time block on your calendar will be completely free from any Reclaim Habits or Tasks, making it easier for people to book meetings with you.

Pro tip: if you want to quickly carve out space, you can simply make events with a title of #reclaim_busy. Don't worry about marking the event as free -- Reclaim will go ahead and change it for you!

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