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Time Defense settings for Habits
Time Defense settings for Habits

Use Time Defense settings to let Reclaim know how aggressively you want your Habits defended.

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Time Defense for Habits controls how aggressively Reclaim will flip your Habits from free to busy based on your availability, preferences, and priorities.

Time Defense for Habits

Habits are initially added as 'Free' πŸ†“ to your schedule to keep your calendar flexible. As time comes closer to the Habit's start time, or as your day starts to fill up, Reclaim will mark the event as 'Busy' πŸ›‘οΈ so it gets defended from being overbooked by other events.

Each Habit has its own Time Defense setting so you can customize exactly when you want a Habit to switch from Free to Busy.

Reclaim considers two variables when it comes to Time Defense:

  1. The amount of time left for the Habit in the Habit's time window

  2. The amount of time left before the Habit is scheduled to begin

Each of Reclaim's Time Defense options adjust to these variables differently:

Most flexible

Always free πŸ†“ and prefer ideal time over max duration.

Let Reclaim decide (default)

Let Reclaim intelligently choose Free πŸ†“ or BusyπŸ›‘οΈ, duration, and time based on Habit's priority and your overall calendar availability.

Most defensive

Always busy πŸ›‘οΈ and prefer the max duration over the ideal time.

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