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Using event hashtags to make Google Calendar smarter
Using event hashtags to make Google Calendar smarter

You can add hashtags to your calendar events in Google Calendar to give Reclaim special instructions.

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Reclaim has a number of "event hashtags" that allow you to add simple tags to your events, allowing you to give Reclaim instructions directly from Google Calendar. Below is a list of all supported event hashtags along with a brief description.

Supported hashtags


If you're syncing events between calendars using Calendar Sync, use the #nosync hashtag in the original event to prevent it from syncing to your target calendar. This will tell Reclaim to skip syncing the event. Learn more here.


You can use the #reclaim_free hashtag to tell Reclaim that an event should be shown as unavailable to others who want to schedule time with you, but remain free for scheduling your Tasks and Habits. Learn more here.


You can use the hashtag #reclaim_busy to prevent Habits and Tasks from being scheduled over a time block that you still want to show as available for meetings (including Smart 1:1s). Learn more here.


While Reclaim will automatically add travel time to your events based on location, sometimes we don't get it right. If you're finding that Travel Time is not being set for an event, add the hashtag #needs_travel to manually force Travel Time around an event.

Travel time must be enabled in your settings for Reclaim to apply travel to an event.

Learn more here.


Reclaim automatically detects flight events on your calendar, but sometimes we may miss it. Using #flight will add 2 hours before and 1 hour after the event as well as categorize this time as a travel event. Learn more here.


You can use the #travel hashtag to create a time block specifically marked as Travel and Logistics. This can be helpful for events that are not necessarily tasks, but still need to be scheduled on the calendar, such as "giving friend a ride". Learn more here.

Where to put the hashtags

Reclaim will look in three separate places for hashtags:

  • The event's title

  • The event's description

  • Your RSVP note


  • Others may be able to see your hashtags if they have access to view your calendar.

  • If you use an "out of office" event, there is no description field, so you will need to place the hashtag on the title.

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