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Habits are routines you want to maintain on a recurring cadence. With Reclaim, you can set a time window for your Habits so they can remain flexible if other things come up. Refer to Habits help docs to learn more.


Tasks have finite amount of time to complete; they can have a due date but that is not required. Reclaim will create time blocks for you to work on a Task. Refer to Task help docs to learn more.

Smart 1:1s

Smart 1:1s allow you to have flexible meeting day/time for your 1:1 meetings to better ensure they still get scheduled if things changes on your schedule last minute. Refer to Smart 1:1 help docs to learn more.

Connected Calendars

Select calendars you want Reclaim to block out time for Habits and Tasks, but those calendars do not block your availability for others to schedule time with you. Refer to Connected Calendars help docs to learn more.

Calendar Sync

Reclaim syncs your calendars so your true availability can be reflected between your calendars. Your work calendar will be blocked off by your personal calendar, and vice versa. Calendar Syncing also has privacy settings so you can keep your work and private life separate. Refer to Calendar Sync help docs to learn more.


Get an overview on where your time is going as well as a full log of actions that Reclaim has taken on your behalf. Refer to Activity and Analytics help docs to learn more.


Reclaim was designed to be the hub of your task management tools. Connect your task management software so Reclaim can manage the time blocking on your calendar. See the list of our integrations here.

Buffer Time

Give yourself time to decompress after your meetings, ensure you have enough travel time for your event, and add some break between your Tasks and Habits. Reclaim adds flexible buffers to your schedule for you to prep and get where you're going. Learn more about buffer times in your Settings.

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