Habits is a more flexible way to ensure you always get time during the week for the things you do most often. In just a few steps, Reclaim will find and defend time on your calendar for anything you want to do regularly. Learn more on Habits.


You can write down your to-dos all you want, but it ain't happening if it's not on the calendar. Automatically block time for your Tasks, and integrate your favorite project management app to defend 5.7 additional hours/week for productive work. Learn more on Tasks.

Smart 1:1s

Automatically find the best time for one-on-one meetings with your manager, direct reports, or partners through Smart 1:1s.Spend time on better meetings, not scheduling them. Learn more on Smart 1:1s.

Connected Calendars

Select calendars you want Reclaim to block out time for Habits and Tasks, but those calendars do not block your availability for others to schedule time with you.

Calendar Sync

Juggling calendars sucks. Missing out on life because you forgot to block time on your work calendar sucks even more. Reclaim syncs your calendars to keep your work-life balance intact — all while keeping your personal life private. Learn more on Calendar Sync.


Reclaim gives you stats and info about where your time is going as well as a full log of actions that Reclaim has taken on your behalf.


Tackle more of your to-dos every week when you integrate your favorite app with your calendar. See our integrations here.

Buffer Time

Stuck in back-to-back calls all day? Give yourself time to decompress and travel between meetings. Reclaim adds flexible buffers to your schedule for you to prep and get where you're going. Learn more about buffer times.

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