There are a ton of powerful features within Reclaim to help you make time for the things that matter to you. Here are a few things you should do first to help you get the most out of Reclaim as quickly as possible.

Sync all your calendars

Create your first sync policy using Calendar Sync and actually block your availability across schedules so you’re never double-booked again.

It may be helpful to understand the difference between Primary and shared calendars in Google Calendar when syncing calendars.

Set up your recurring routines

Habits are prioritizable, intentional blocks for your routine. Reclaim automatically finds the best time for the recurring routines on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly cadence. You can create a "Focus Time" Habit, but you can also create discrete blocks of time for routines like 💻 Coding, 📥 Email catch-up, 👩🏻‍💻 Focus time, 🗓 Weekly planning, and more!

Create your “Focus Time”

Reclaim offers a flexible and customizable way to set up Focus time. Use one of the two ways to create Focus Time in your calendar.

Set up your “no-meeting” day

Use #reclaim_free to defend an entire workday every week for heads-down work so you can limit your time in meetings and accomplish more tasks every sprint.

Schedule your Smart 1:1 meetings

Set it and forget it! Smart 1:1s are recurring one-on-one meetings that automatically find the best time to connect across both attendees calendars. Schedule your Smart 1:1 meetings with your managers, direct reports, even external folks you meet with regularly.

Key things to know about Reclaim’s Smart 1:1s:

  1. Reclaim limits auto-scheduling to one-on-one meetings. We try to focus on one-on-one meetings because things become nearly impossible to schedule the more attendees you have.

  2. We require both users to sign up for Reclaim for the added benefit of knowing mutual meeting hours, time zones, etc.

  3. Reclaim offers flexible controls to auto-reschedule 1:1s or skip them via our Planner + Add-On.

Make sure to set up your scheduling hours—Personal, Work, and Meeting—so Reclaim knows when to schedule for you.

Integrate your task list

The easiest way to get started with Tasks at Reclaim is to integrate your project management app to sync your task list. Reclaim currently supports Asana, ClickUp, Todoist, Jira, Linear and Google Task integrations.

Once you integrate your task list, Reclaim will automatically find the best time for you to work on your Tasks around your existing calendar events, by priority, before your due dates.

You can also dump your to-do list into the Tasks and let Reclaim automatically block time.

Leverage Reclaim everywhere!

Install Reclaim’s Slack integration and the Google Calendar add-on so you can manage Reclaim from Slack or your Calendar.

Don’t forget about Reclaim’s Slack Status Sync, where we give you way more control in setting different statuses and DND based on different categories of meetings.

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