To block out time for an OOO/PTO/holiday:

  1. Create an all-day event or time block in Google Calendar that reflects the dates/times you are not available.

  2. Mark the event as Busy.

What happens

  • Reclaim will reschedule, or skip, Habits and Tasks as necessary.

  • Reclaim will detect the time as "out of office" and possible vacation/holiday if the text includes certain keywords, weaving that data into your Reclaim stats.

  • If you have the Slack status sync feature enabled, Reclaim will update your Slack status automatically while you are out of the office.

Note: If the time block is on a synced calendar—not the primary—select on Sync only all-day events marked busy or Sync all all-day events within the Sync Policy. Refer to Configuring Calendar Sync to sync all-day events.

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