Reclaim allows you to declare sophisticated time policies that map to how you live and work. For example, you can establish your working and personal hours, which are used for calendar sync and task scheduling, as well as configure the times and days you wish to do your various habits.

But your "ideal plan" and what is actually happening in your life can be very different. You might get sick, go on vacation, or have a company holiday. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to indicate to your coworkers and Reclaim you aren't available to work.

To ensure that your calendar is up-to-date, your coworkers can tell you are unavailable, and the Reclaim scheduler adapts to your schedule, we recommend you create an Out Of Office event on Google that reflects the dates/times you are not available. If you are on a regular Gmail account, you won't have this feature, but a regular all-day busy event will also work.

You can create this event on your work calendar directly, or on your personal calendar if you are using Reclaim's calendar sync feature.

No matter where you place it, the benefit of an Out Of Office event is that:

  • Reclaim will see the time as busy and automatically reschedule Habits and Tasks as necessary.

  • Reclaim will detect the time as "out of office" and possible vacation/holiday if the text includes certain keywords, weaving that data into your Reclaim stats.

  • If you have the Slack status sync feature enabled, Reclaim will update your Slack status automatically while you are out of the office.

  • Optionally, Google Calendar can automatically decline any new or existing meetings you are invited to during this time.

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