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Using the Planner
Manage Habits from the Planner
Manage Habits from the Planner
Understand Habit actions you can make from the Planner
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The Planner offers a faster, optimized experience to manage your Habits. Refer to Planner overview for a walkthrough of the Planner layout.

View your Habits

To view the details of a Habit:

  • Click on the Habit in the Planner Side Panel

  • Click on a Habit Instance in the Planner Calendar to open the Habit details in the Side Panel.

Habit actions

From the Planner Side Panel, basic Habit actions are located on the right-side of each Habit that allows you to Start, Restart, and Stop a Habit, as well as access a More options menu by clicking the three dots icon.

Actions when you click More options icon.

Actions when right-clicking a Habit Instance from the Planner Calendar.

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