Manage your Tasks from the Planner Side Panel

The Planner Side Panel allows you to see and edit your Tasks and Task Events without the hassle of switching your view away from your Reclaim calendar.

Filter your Tasks

Filter the tasks you want to see by clicking the downward arrow next to Open tasks.

Prioritize your Tasks

Prioritize your Tasks by stack-ranking them in the side panel. The higher up your Task is placed in this list, Reclaim will schedule them first.

To stack-rank your tasks:

  1. Hover over the left-side of the Task until you see the six dots

  2. Drag the Task above or below other Tasks to identify how you want them prioritized

Note: This is not the same as task dependency, where Task B relies on Task A before being scheduled.

Task actions

Task actions are located on the right-side of each Task.

Action icons for Start, Restart, Stop, and More options.

List of available actions when you click More options icon.

Click on a Task Event from the Planner Calendar

The Planner Side Panel will shift to a view of the Task and its related Task Events. From here, you can:

  • Use available Task actions in the menu bar at the top

  • Use available Task Event actions by clicking the three dots labeled More options.

  • Log work for an upcoming task event.

Right-click a Task Event from the Planner Calendar

Right-clicking a Task Event from the Planner Calendar opens a list of available actions to the Task Event.

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