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Accepting and responding to Smart 1:1 invites
Accepting and responding to Smart 1:1 invites

Most of the time, Reclaim doesn't need the other attendee to accept a 1:1 invite to schedule it -- but there are benefits to doing so!

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When a Smart 1:1 is created, Reclaim automatically sends the attendee an email to confirm that the meeting has been scheduled, and to invite them to sign up for Reclaim and set their availability. If Reclaim has access to the attendee's calendar, they don't need to respond to these invitations -- however, there are some benefits to doing so, as it allows them to set their meeting preferences.

Smart 1:1 invitation emails

Smart 1:1 invitations are sent through one of two mechanisms:

  1. Email, as shown below;

  2. An invite link that can be copy-pasted to the attendee.

When an attendee clicks the link in either experience, they'll be prompted to provide access to their calendar (if Reclaim doesn't already have it) and most importantly to set their meeting hours, which enables Reclaim to schedule 1:1s around their preferences. If the attendee declines to do this, a default set of meeting hours will be used.

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