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Editing Smart 1:1 events via Google Calendar
Editing Smart 1:1 events via Google Calendar

You can edit details of any scheduled Smart 1:1 event, and Reclaim will honor those changes.

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Sometimes you may want to add different details to a particular 1:1 meeting -- for example, adding a guest attendee to the event, changing the location to a coffeeshop, or modifying the description for a one-time agenda. Reclaim makes it easy to make these changes directly via Google Calendar.

Details that can be edited on a Smart 1:1 event

  • Title

  • Description

  • Attendee list

  • Color

  • RSVP note

  • Location

  • Duration

  • Time window / scheduled time

Changes made to a Smart 1:1 event will be honored for that event only and will not apply to future or past events. When you edit these details, the Smart 1:1 will also lock to prevent Reclaim from overwriting the changes.

Details that cannot be edited on a scheduled Smart 1:1 event

If the below details are edited, Reclaim will overwrite them the next time it re-syncs your calendar.

  • Event privacy

  • Event availability (i.e., Free vs. Busy)

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