Smart 1:1s allow for flexibility as they respond to conflicts on the calendar by rescheduling events—or in some cases, canceling them—and also respond to RSVP changes from either attendee.

When rescheduling a Smart 1:1, Reclaim will attempt to maintain the cadence of the Smart 1:1 series. For example, if you have a weekly smart 1:1 that typically occurs on Mondays, and push it to Friday, the next scheduled instance of the 1:1 will push to be closer to Friday. This helps to avoid having Smart 1:1s too close together.

Smart 1:1s can be rescheduled in several different ways:

RSVP changes

If either the organizer or the attendee RSVPs "No" to the Smart 1:1 event, Reclaim will automatically reschedule it to the next best time for both of attendees. RSVPs can be managed through Google Calendar.

Conflicting event

If an event gets booked over the Smart 1:1, Reclaim will automatically reschedule the Smart 1:1 to the next best available time for both of you. If the attendee or organizer are invited to another event that conflicts with the Smart 1:1, the Smart 1:1 will not be rescheduled until they RSVP Yes or Maybe to the conflicting event.

Manually reschedule a Smart 1:1

You can drag a Smart 1:1 event to another day or time on the calendar, and Reclaim will accept that as a reschedule. If the new time isn't available on both calendars, Reclaim will try to find the next closest time for that day.

Delete a Smart 1:1 from the Google Calendar

If the organizer of the 1:1 deletes the event via Google Calendar, Reclaim will skip the Smart 1:1 for the day and reschedule it to the next best time on the following day. If there are no eligible days remaining in the week, the Smart 1:1 will be canceled.

Use the reschedule link in Google Calendar

Within the event details in Google Calendar, there is a link to reschedule the Smart 1:1.

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