We get it -- sometimes even the best plans don't work out quite like you expected.

Suppose you had a one-hour task at 4pm yesterday that was scheduled for an hour that just didn't get done.

How can you let Reclaim know?

It turns out it's pretty easy -- in large part because Reclaim treats the calendar as the source of truth about where time was spent. Let's look at a few different scenarios.

Scenario 1: No work was done

Oops! You got distracted... you just weren't feeling it... or an urgent conflict came up. No big deal, don't stress it:

Just delete yesterday's event.

Reclaim will reschedule it within in a few seconds at some point in the near future. Your analytics will be up-to-date and you can get on with your day.

Scenario 2: Some work was done

Until about 4:30pm, you were doing great! And then the power went out... or you got an urgent call from your boss... or in a moment of weakness you fired up Reddit and got distracted. Doesn't matter, it's also easy to resolve:

Just adjust the duration of yesterday's event.

Drop the duration from one hour to 30 minutes. Reclaim will realize you still need 30 minutes of work and in a few seconds will get it on the calendar.

Scenario 3: You did the work... but more remains

You did great. You were focused the entire time. The problem is: you're not done yet and you need more time. In this case, a quick edit to the calendar won't work because you need to...

Tell Reclaim you need more time

By adding time, your analytics will capture that you spent time on it yesterday and simply needed more time. You can do this in a few different ways, which ever is most convenient for you:

Using the Reclaim UI

Go find the Task under the "done" section and click the "..." menu. There you'll find some convenient options for reviving the task and adding more time to it:

Using Google Tasks

If you've enabled the Google Tasks integration, you can do it right from within Gmail or Google Calendar. Just go find the task under the "Completed" section at the bottom and click the blue checkmark to mark it incomplete.

Within a minute, Reclaim will recognize this as a sign that you need more time and it will schedule up to an hour of additional time on your calendar.

Using Slack

If you've enabled the Reclaim/Slack integration, you can also do it from anywhere you can find the task:

  • @Reclaim may have alerted you yesterday just before it was time to start the task. If you look at that message you'll see an option to add more time to it.

  • The @Reclaim "home screen" has an agenda view. Pick yesterday's date and you'll find the task there, allowing you to add time to it.

  • The @Reclaim "home screen" also has a Tasks view. There you can find it under "Recent Tasks".

In all cases, look for the "Reschedule / Add time..." dropdown. Click it and you'll see these options:

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