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Guide to rescheduling your Task Events
Guide to rescheduling your Task Events

What to do with Task Events when there is deviation from your schedule.

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This article guides you through what to do for several scenarios when what is scheduled differs from what actually happened.

Recall that the total duration of all Task Events must sum up to the duration of the Task. Thus, editing Task Events to reflect accuracy is important for ensuring your stats and future scheduling is correct.

No work was done in the scheduled time of the Task Event

Delete the Task Event from your Google Calendar or Slack integration. Reclaim will reschedule it to some point in the near future.

Reschedule the Task Event from the Planner, Google Calendar add-on, or Slack integration. Refer to Reschedule a Task Event for further instructions.

Some work was done in the scheduled time of the Task Event

Adjust the duration of the Task Event. Refer to Modifying Task Events.

Work was done outside of the scheduled Task Event

Use the Log time feature to record the time worked on your Task. Refer to Log work done on your Tasks.

More time is needed to complete the Task

Use the Add time feature to add time to the Task Policy's overall duration. Refer to Add time to your Task Policy

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