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Task and Task Event actions
Task and Task Event actions

You can control your Tasks to automate changes to your calendar.

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Referring back to Task concepts, the "calendar is the source of truth". Thus, Task Events will automatically start when the time comes for the scheduled Task Event. If changes are needed, Reclaim offers features to adjust the Task and Task Events in order to reflect what actually happened.

Start, Stop, and Restart


Starting a Task will move the first upcoming Task Event to the current time closes to the last 5 minutes. For example, if you have a Task whose first event is scheduled for 2pm, and you press Start at 9:03am, the Task Event will move from 2pm to 9:00am.


Stopping a Task will end the current Task Event at the moment the Stop button was pressed. For example, if you're working on a Task Event scheduled from 9am - 11am, and you press Stop at 9:30am, then Reclaim will split the event into one from 9am - 9:30am and the remaining time will be scheduled later.


You can use Restart to bring the Task Event's start time up to the current time. For example, if you start a Task at 9am and then are interrupted for 15 minutes until 9:15am, you can use Restart and the Task event will be rescheduled to start at 9:15am.


Prevent a scheduled Reclaim-managed event from being moved around on your calendar. Refer to Lock/Unlock a Task Event, Habit Instance, or Smart 1:1.


Rescheduling a Task Event to another time in the future. Refer to Reschedule a Task Event.

Add time

Add time to an overall Task if more time is needed to complete a Task. Refer to Add time to your Task Policy.

Log work

Log work you have done on a Task that was not scheduled on your calendar. Refer to Log work done on your Tasks.

Mark done

Use Mark done when the entire Task is considered completed, regardless of whether all Task Events have passed. Refer to Mark a Task as done.


Deleting a Task will remove the Task and associated Task Events from Reclaim and the calendar. Refer to Delete a Task or Task Event.

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