Sending scheduling links

Once you've created a scheduling link, you can send it to anyone by copying its link and sharing it in your forum of choice. Scheduling links can be sent to and used by anyone, and have no reliance on the attendee being a Reclaim user.

Your booking pages as seen by others

When logged in as an existing Reclaim user, an attendee will see their schedule to compare against the organizer's availability to help ensure mutual availability for the meeting.

Time zone and time format picker

Attendees can view booking time slots in different time zone options as well as time format. Hovering over the timezone picker will show the current timezone that the scheduling link is being presented in.

Clicking on the timezone picker will show both a time format selector as well as a timezone selector.

Time format

Use this to toggle presentation of times between a 12h or 24h format.

Time zone

You can search through a list of timezones as well as select a different one that you'd like available times presented in.

If the selected time zone is different from your actual browser time zone or your Google Calendar's timezone, the actual timezone will be presented at the top of the list to help you compare between the selected timezone and your current one.

Flexible meeting durations

If you've added multiple durations to your scheduling link, your attendees can toggle between them to find available times across different durations:

Preferred times

Reclaim will automatically suggest times to attendees that are entirely free and clear of events. These times are denoted with a green dot.

For example, if you have a Habit, Task, or Smart 1:1 scheduled on your calendar -- even if the event is marked as free time -- it won't show as a preferred time to attendees. This encourages attendees to not book over times that are earmarked for work.

Attendee details

Once attendees have selected a time on the scheduling link, they will be presented with fields to fill in their name, email, add others to the meeting, as well as add a meeting description that will be added to the calendar event for the meeting.


Once an attendee confirms, they will have the option to Reschedule or Cancel the meeting that was just scheduled. They can also reschedule or cancel the meeting directly from links in the event description in the calendar.

Organizers will receive an email from Reclaim when meetings are created, updated, or deleted. Attendees will receive emails as well, but they will come from Google Calendar directly.

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