Add supported hashtags to your calendar event details to unlock advanced functionality and enable powerful workflows and automations for your smart calendar.

Supported hashtags


For events where you do not need it to be synced over, use the #nosync hashtag in the source event to prevent it from syncing to your target calendar.

For example, events from your vacation may not need to be synced from your personal to your work calendar.


Use the #reclaim_free hashtag to a calendar event marked as Busy. This indicates to others that you are busy, but still allows Reclaim to schedule Habits, Tasks, and Smart 1:1s during that time block.

This hashtag is particularly useful when you want to create focus time, or are taking time off but still need Reclaim to schedule for you. Refer to Create focus time on your calendar.


Use the hashtag #reclaim_busy to prevent Habits, Tasks, and Smart 1:1s from being scheduled during a time block.

This hashtag is useful when you want to prevent Reclaim from scheduling items over a time block you want to remain available to others.


If you're finding that Travel Time is not being set for an event, add the hashtag #needs_travel to manually force Travel Time around an event.


Reclaim automatically detects flight events on your calendar, but may not get it right each time. Using #flight will add 2 hours before and 1 hour after the event as well as categorize this time to Travel and Logistics.


For ultimate travel customization, using the #travel hashtag allows you to create a time block specifically marked as Travel and Logistics. This can be helpful for events that are not necessarily Tasks, but still need to be scheduled on the calendar, such as "giving friend a ride".

Where to put the hashtags

Reclaim will look in three separate places for hashtags:

  • The event's title

  • The event's description

  • Your RSVP note


  • Other folks will be able to see your hashtags if they have access to view your calendar.

  • If you use an "out of office" event, there is no description field so you will need to place the hashtag on the title instead.

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