Reclaim's Google Tasks integration creates a two-way sync between tasks created in Google Tasks and Reclaim Tasks, resulting in new Google Tasks items getting blocked out on your calendar within seconds.

Here's a quick video to help get you started if you're not the doc-reading type:

One of the biggest advantages of using Google Tasks to manage your tasks is that it sits contextually right next to your calendar, making it easy to visualize your Tasks (on the right hand side) and Task Events (on the left hand side):

Setting up the integration

To set up the Google Tasks integration, go to Settings in Reclaim, scroll down to Integrations, and click Connect Google Tasks:

When you click Connect Google Tasks, you will be prompted to give Reclaim permissions to view, edit, and delete your Google Tasks. Once you've approved these permissions, the integration is set up!

Getting started

To get started, navigate to your calendar and open up Google Tasks by clicking on the icon on the right-hand navigation panel:

This will open up the Google Tasks interface, where you can create and manage your Google Tasks right alongside your calendar. Be sure to switch to the task list named 🗓 Reclaim, as that is the one that Reclaim uses for the two-way sync. Other task lists are ignored.

You should see a "test task" that Reclaim created for you to help you get started.

Additionally, because Reclaim actually creates events on your calendar for your tasks, we recommend that you uncheck the "Tasks" calendar on the lefthand side of your Google Calendar:

That's it! Let's create your first Task via Google Tasks.

Creating your first Task

Reclaim creates a test task that you can use to learn more about the Google Tasks integration. You can delete it or mark it as complete directly within Google Tasks once you're comfortable with how everything works.

To create your first task in Google Tasks, click the "+ Add a Task" icon:

Now, you can enter a title and, optionally, notes and a due date. If you don't provide a due date, Reclaim will pick a sensible default for you.

Important: Subtasks are currently not supported in Reclaim and will be ignored if added.

Once done, it can take a minute or two before Reclaim sees the new Task and scheduled it on your calendar, complete with any notes you entered:

You can view and modify these tasks via Google Tasks, via the Reclaim UI, or via Slack. Reclaim will keep everything in sync.

Note: it can take up to a minute for changes that you make in Google Tasks to be reflected on your calendar. This is due to delays from Google's API and is outside Reclaim's control.

Disconnecting the Google Tasks integration

If you no longer want to use the Google Tasks integration, you can simply delete the " 🗓 Reclaim" list from Google Tasks, and that will disconnect the integration.

What now?

The convenience of having access to your Tasks right in Google Calendar + Gmail and the power of Reclaim's intelligent scheduling is a truly delightful experience. Explore the following articles to learn how to get the most out of it:

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