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Create a Task from Gmail using Google Task integration
Create a Task from Gmail using Google Task integration

You can easily create Google Tasks from GMail to get to-dos from your inbox to the calendar.

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Reclaim's Google Tasks integration allows you to easily create Tasks directly from Gmail with a single click or keyboard shortcut.

  1. Navigate to Gmail and find a message you want to convert to a Task.

  2. At the top of the message, click the Add to Tasks button or use the keyboard shortcut Shift-T.

  3. The message subject will be added to your Google Tasks as a new Task.

Make sure the Task gets added to the 🗓 Reclaim task list, as this is the list that syncs with Reclaim. The task will contain a deep link from the task to the email thread for context.

By default, it will assign one hour of time to work on it and a due date of three days from now. You can change this either by editing the Task in Reclaim or utilize the natural language syntax.

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