By default, Tasks created in Reclaim have preset preferences for:

  • Duration: the total time allocated to the Task

  • Privacy: how the Task is displayed on your calendar to others

  • Minimum and Maximum Event Duration: the minimum and maximum length of events that will be blocked on your calendar for Tasks

You can modify these preferences in your Settings to assign different defaults for Tasks you create. These defaults will apply to Tasks created via the Reclaim app, our Slack integration, as well as our Google Tasks integration. However, they will not apply to any Tasks created from GMail or Tasks created from a Slack thread.

Modifying your default Task preferences

First, go to Settings in Reclaim and scroll down to Task Defaults.

You can modify three different preferences for Tasks:

  • Default duration: this will change the default length of new Tasks that you create. The default length is 1 hour if you don't make any modifications.

  • Default privacy: you can either opt to show Tasks on your calendar using your default Google Calendar privacy settings, or show them as private events. By default, Reclaim will mark your Tasks as private.

  • Default task event duration: when Tasks are longer than 1 hour, Reclaim automatically breaks them up into multiple events. Here, you can change the default minimum and maximum event length for Task events. The default is 1h minimum, 2h maximum.

    • Note: Reclaim will use the max duration to "space out" your Tasks when they get scheduled on your calendar. This prevents Reclaim from scheduling a bunch of Task chunks one after another. For example, if your max event duration for Tasks is set to 4 hours, Reclaim will schedule time for your tasks at least four hours apart.

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