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How Reclaim prioritizes and schedules your Tasks
How Reclaim prioritizes and schedules your Tasks
Learn more about how Reclaim prioritizes scheduling Tasks on your calendar
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Reclaim schedules your calendar in using a sequence of the event type and how they are prioritized within that type of event. Read How Reclaim schedules your calendar for an understanding of this process.

This short video explains how Reclaim Task scheduling works:

To summarize:

  • Solo Work Tasks schedule within your Working Hours; Personal Tasks within Personal Hours

  • Tasks always schedule after high-priority Habits are scheduled, but before low-priority Habits

  • Tasks are scheduled according to their stack ranking

  • By default, Reclaim tries to keep the list ordered by due date, but that can "fragment" over time

  • You can re-sort the list by due date any time

Note: the due date also impacts whether the events for the Task are free πŸ†“ or busy πŸ›‘οΈ. If the Task is overdue or likely to be overdue because of the schedule, it'll be marked as busy. Otherwise, it'll be free. Tasks with no due date are always free.

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