Due dates from Todoist to Reclaim

How to set Todoist due dates to get items synced as Reclaim Tasks.

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Due dates are required for Todoist items to sync, as Reclaim will use it as the deadline for the scheduled Task in Reclaim.

Due dates in Todoist vs. Reclaim

  • In Todoist, a due date reflects the desire of "I want to do this task on this date."

  • In Reclaim, a due date means "I want to get this task done before this date."

Reclaim automatically pulls in due dates from Todoist to defend time on your calendar before the task is due.

Update due dates for synced Todoist item

If you need to update a due date for a synced item in Todoist, updates to that due date can be made from both Reclaim or Todoist.

Update the item from your Task list in Reclaim, or update it in the item from Todoist.

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