Todoist integration overview
Automatically sync items from Todoist to scheduled Tasks in Reclaim.
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Reclaim's Todoist integration automatically syncs items created in Todoist to scheduled Tasks in Reclaim. It's a great way to make sure that you actually get time blocked in your calendar for the things you need to do in Todoist.

Note: Reclaim currently does not offer full support for recurring tasks, so if you've set up a recurring task in Todoist it won't sync over to Reclaim.

Requirements for using the integration

Set up the Todoist integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations in Reclaim.

  2. Click Connect Todoist on the Todoist integration card.

  3. Click Agree to allow Reclaim access to Todoist.

  4. You will be redirected back to Reclaim's integration page.

Note: if you're using Todoist's Google Calendar sync, we recommend disabling it before enabling the integration. If you use both the Reclaim integration and Todoist's own Google Calendar integration, you will end up with duplicated events.

Integration settings

The Todoist integration settings page allows you to choose the projects you want integrated and how you want Todoist tasks to be integrated.

Synced projects

The sync projects setting tells Reclaim which projects in Todoist should have the integration enabled. Reclaim will automatically display the list of projects associated with your Todoist account, minus the standard onboarding projects (”Welcome”, and “Try Boards”).

⚠️Please note that the "All" option is only one level deep. This is for any tasks that aren't assigned to a project and won't sync other projects nested if they aren't selected. ⚠️

Item sync preferences

By default, Reclaim will only sync Todoist items from your selected projects which have a due date and the reclaim or reclaim_personal labels applied in Todoist.

Reclaim will automatically create the reclaim and reclaim_personal labels in your Todoist account if it does not already exist.

You can elect to automatically sync all items in selected Todoist projects—as long as they include a due date.

These settings auto-save on change.

How Todoist items synced to Reclaim looks

When Reclaim syncs a Todoist item, a comment is added to the item with a link to the Reclaim task and the date/time for the associated calendar event. As time burns down in Reclaim for that task, the comment text is updated to reflect that progress, as well as to indicate whether the task is at risk based on the due date you have selected in Todoist.

Synced Todoist item Reclaim

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