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Create Task duration for Todoist items
Create Task duration for Todoist items
Add time estimate in Todoist that syncs to Reclaim Task's duration
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Reclaim will create tasks for Todoist items based on your settings in Reclaim for default task duration. However, you can specify how much time you want to schedule for the Task by adding text in either the Todoist item title or description.

Indicate the number of minutes, hours, or days enclosed in square brackets, such as:

  • [45m] = 45 minutes

  • [2h] = 2 hours

  • [4d] = 4 days

Note: The unit of time is case insensitive.

For example: Get board slides done [2h].

To adjust the duration after the Todoist item has been created, update the text to reflect the new duration and re-save the Todoist item.

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