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How Smart 1:1s keep your calendar flexible
How Smart 1:1s keep your calendar flexible

Reclaim will automatically keep your Smart 1:1s flexible based on your availability. Here's how and when they'll switch from free to busy.

Updated over a week ago

Smart 1:1s are initially scheduled as a Free event and will switch to Busy as your schedule changes to give maximum flexibility in your calendar -- while still ensuring that you get the time you need with your attendee. You can learn more about how Reclaim uses Free and Busy settings here.

Smart 1:1s will automatically flip from Free to Busy when it's <24 hours ahead of their start time, or when there is only one slot remaining for the Smart 1:1 within the same day.

You can additionally opt to lock your Smart 1:1s sooner to prevent them from rescheduling, which will also mark them as busy.

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