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High level overview of the Planner page in Reclaim

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Reclaim has a lot of powerful features for scheduling and planning your work week around your Tasks and Habits that can be difficult to communicate directly through calendar clients, such as Google Calendar. The Planner allows you to leverage these features to manage your Reclaim account.

Planner Calendar

Events from your synced primary calendar are pulled in and can be viewed from this single place.

Note: If you want to view items from your shared calendars, you need to sync them to your primary. Refer to Sync your shared calendar.

Day / week view

You can toggle your view between Day or Week to help you adjust your focus. The navigation arrows allow you to view prior or later days/weeks.

The Planner uses your Google Calendar Settings > View options to determine the start of the week.

Dotted lines and solid backgrounds

An event with dotted line border means the event is marked as Free. An event with a solid background means the event is marked as Busy. Refer here for more details on what Free and Busy events mean for your calendar.

Event emojis

πŸ†“ Event is marked as Free.

πŸ›‘οΈ Event is marked as Busy.

πŸ‘ Completed Task Events that are done scheduling.

βœ… Event is marked as Done.

View as you / View as others

The Planner Calendar default is set to View as you, where you can see details from all of your calendars.

See how other folks see your calendar by selecting View as others. This allows you to double-check that your privacy and visibility settings are the way you want them.

Right Side Panel

The Planner Side Panel shows:

  • Priority Habits

  • Open Tasks

  • Low priority Habits

As you click on each event within your Planner Calendar, the Planner Side Panel will change, showing you details of the event so you can manage the event or the Task/Habit associated with the event.

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