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Configuring Calendar Sync to sync all-day events
Configuring Calendar Sync to sync all-day events

By default, Calendar Sync will skip syncing all-day events between calendars. Here's how to enable it if you want those events synced.

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You can configure Calendar Sync to sync all-day events between calendars, but by default Reclaim will skip them. This guide will show you how to configure sync policies to sync all-day events, and also explain a bit about how all-day events work.

What are all-day events, and how do they work?

All-day events are typically used for two purposes in calendars:

  • To block availability for an all-day event (e.g., a vacation or PTO event)

  • To set a reminder that doesn't block your availability (e.g., a birthday)

All-day events appear in Google Calendar at the very top of your calendar view, and look something like this:

By default, when all-day events are created in Google Calendar, they get marked as free time. This means that they won't block your availability. However, you can opt to change their status to "busy", which will block your availability for the entire day(s) for which that all-day event is active.

Sync all-day events using Calendar Sync

Reclaim will skip syncing all-day events by default, but you can opt to sync them in your sync policy settings. Here's how to do it, and how it works.

  1. Go to Calendar Sync in the Reclaim app.

  2. Click on any of the sync policies that you want to enable all-day events for.

  3. Scroll down until you see "All-day events".

You can select one of three options, as shown above:

  • Don't sync all-day events (default): this will skip syncing all-day events entirely.

  • Sync only all-day events marked busy: this will sync all-day events that are marked as busy, but will continue to skip all-day events that are marked as free.

  • Sync all all-day events: this will sync all all-day events, regardless of whether they're marked free or busy.

Once you've selected the option you'd like, hit "Save changes" and you'll see your all-day events get synced in just a few moments.

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