Reclaim is designed to be a calendar assistant that works with your Google Calendar (not replace it). To better understand how Reclaim and your Google Calendar interacts with one another, we cover several topics:

Supported calendar services

Primary and shared calendars

Supported calendar services

Currently, Reclaim is only available for Google Calendar users.

Support for other calendar services is on our roadmap! In the meantime, if you have another calendar—iCloud, Outlook, or another calendar service—you can share your non-Google Calendar to your Google Calendar, and sync with Reclaim. Learn more here.

Primary and shared calendars

Google Calendar allows users to create sub-calendars where you can segment your scheduling. These calendars are not created equal, as there is always a master "primary calendar" and every other calendar is considered a "shared calendar".

The primary calendar is important because:

  • The primary calendar is where free/busy signals resides, which Reclaim relies on to schedule your calendar. Refer to Free and Busy time to learn more.

  • Google Calendar’s “Find a Time” feature use only the primary calendar to show available times—shared calendars won’t show to others unless they are explicitly shared.

To identify your primary calendar, navigate to Google Calendar and look on the left hand side. The first calendar displayed is always your primary.

How to consider availability from your primary and shared calendar

Reclaim schedules events on the primary calendar of your Main email only (Refer to Your Reclaim account's Main email to learn more about your Main email).

By default, events on your shared calendar are not considered for availability when scheduling. If you're wanting your shared calendars considered for availability, you can use Calendar Sync or Connected Calendars to have them considered.

Calendar Sync allows others to see time is blocked out from your calendar, whereas use Connected Calendars to tell Reclaim when you’re free or busy, but it won’t show others who view your calendar in Google Calendar. Refer to Difference between Connected Calendar and Calendar Sync.

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