While you can have multiple emails to your account, there can only be one main email. The primary calendar of your main email is what is displayed on your Reclaim Planner page and where Reclaim will schedule your events.

How to switch your main email

  1. If you haven't already, add the Google account you want as your main.

  2. Navigate to the Accounts > Calendars page

  3. Click the caret next to the email you want as your new main to expand details.

  4. Click the Use as Main below the email address.

  5. Confirm the switch by clicking Switch Main Account.

Once your main has been switched, all your existing Reclaim data (including any incomplete Tasks) will be migrated over to the primary calendar associated with that new Main email.

View of Accounts page.

Issues switching the Main email address

If you are running into trouble switching a connected email as your Main email on your Reclaim account, the likely causes may be:

  • Reclaim lost access to the email and calendar.

  • The email is already a Main email for another Reclaim account.

Lost access

  1. Click the Reconnect button next to the email address.

  2. Confirm the requested permissions.

Email is already a Main email

  1. Log into Reclaim using the email address you want as your Main account. This will find the ghost account taking up your email address.

  2. Delete the account.

  3. Log back into Reclaim using the old email address associated your Main account.

  4. Switch the Main account.

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