When signing up for Reclaim using your Google account, Reclaim will use that account's email address as your primary login for your Reclaim account. All other email addresses will be a sync source.

You can log into Reclaim using any other connected email you have added to your Reclaim account (via Calendar Sync or Accounts).

Email associated with multiple accounts

An email address can be associated with multiple Reclaim accounts, but it can only be a Main email for one Reclaim account.

If an email is used as the primary email for a Reclaim account, it can only be used to log into that Reclaim account.


Logging in using [email protected] will log into the Reclaim account where [email protected] is the primary email.

An email is a sync source for multiple accounts

If an email is a calendar sync source in more than one Reclaim account, but isn't a Main email for any Reclaim account, logging in using that email will prompt you to create a new account.


Logging in using [email protected] will prompt you to create a new account.

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