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Automatically sync your Slack status and manage your calendar in Slack.

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Reclaim's Slack integration allows you to automatically sync your Slack status from Google Calendar, and manage your Reclaim events right in Slack.

Here are a few of the things you can do with the Reclaim Slack integration:

  • Auto-sync your Slack status with your calendar events

  • Share your Scheduling Links to book meetings

  • Auto-update your Slack status when you enter/leave a Zoom meeting

  • Auto-set Do Not Disturb for event types when you really don't want to be interrupted

  • Customize your Slack statuses by category

  • Keep your event details private while showing context

  • View your daily agenda via smart categories

  • Join video links to meetings from your agenda

  • Manage your Tasks and Habits

  • Create Tasks via Slack messages and commands

Install Reclaim's Slack integration

You can add Slack to your workspace:

  1. From Reclaim, navigate to Settings > Integrations page.

  2. Click Connect Slack in the Slack integration box.

  3. Navigate to the Reclaim app page in Slack App Directory.

  4. Click Add to Slack.

  5. Click Allow to install the Reclaim app.

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