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Reclaim Recapped! 2023 productivity review
Reclaim Recapped! 2023 productivity review

How did you spend your time in 2023? See your full year in review across time in meetings, tasks, habits, and more.

Updated over a week ago

Want a deeper look at your year? If you signed up for Reclaim before December 31st, 2023 β€” you'll see a Reclaim Recapped report in your account.

While Reclaim time tracking Stats only analyze 4-12 weeks (depending on your plan) into the past or future, Reclaim Recapped analyzed your entire year in 2023.

This is a productivity report for 2023 only β€” the data will continue to analyze through December 31st, but won't continue reporting into 2024.

Reclaim Recapped is also only for your individual year β€” none of your team members in your account have access to this data. But while we didn't run analytics on your team, you can pull your top time categories from the report to see who was the most productive team member in 2023.

Reclaim Recapped analyzes January 1st, 2023 through December 31st, 2023. If you're checking your Recapped before the end of the year, don't forget to look again once we get into 2024!

How do I share my Recapped?

You can share your Reclaim Recapped from any slide by clicking the Share button in the upper right. By default, it will open up to share in Twitter, though you can grab this text to share across any of your favorite social platforms.

To share your Recapped slideshow, you can take a screen recording video, or simply take a screenshot to upload and share on social.

What's in my Reclaim Recapped report?

Here are all of the amazing stats we pulled on your productivity in 2023:

  • Your top 5 time categories

  • Instead of manually managing your calendar...

    • You auto-scheduled X number of events

    • Saving you X hours managing your calendar

  • How productive do you feel?

    • Your busiest month was X

    • You were most productive on [day of the week]

    • You defended X hours of Focus Time

    • You attended X meetings

    • You made time for X different Habits

  • Here's a look at your top 5 work Habits

  • How do you like meetings?

    • You averaged X meetings per week

    • You spent X hours in meetings

    • You met with X different people

    • X% of your meetings were "big meetings" (8 or more attendees)

    • Your heaviest meeting day was [day of the week]

    • Your lightest meeting day was [day of the week]

    • You auto-scheduled X meetings with Reclaim

  • Let's see which kinds of meetings you spent time in:

    • Out of your X total meetings...

    • X% were team meetings

    • X% were one-on-ones

    • X% were external meetings

  • How well did you protect your time around meetings?

    • You declined X meetings

    • You decompressed for X hours after events

    • You scheduled X hours of travel time to get where you needed to go

  • Let's see what you checked off your list this year:

    • You spent X hours working on Tasks

    • You made time for X hours of deep work

    • And X hours of shallow work

  • You kept all your schedules in check

    • You juggled X different calendars

    • And synced X events

    • That's X hours you defended from getting over-scheduled

  • How was your work-life balance?

    • You took X days of vacation

    • You made time for X personal Habits

    • And auto-scheduled X hours for personal Habits

  • Here's a look at your top 5 personal Habits

  • So what's your Reclaim personality?

    • Team player

    • Connector

    • Flow-state pro

    • GTD wizard

    • Self-improver

    • Routinist

    • Juggler

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