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Team stats overview
Team stats overview

Analyze productivity and work-life balance data averaged across the entire team.

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Team Analytics is a time tracking tool to help both leaders and employees analyze productivity and work-life balance stats, averaged across the entire team.

You can access Team Analytics via the left nav bar in the Reclaim app, under Stats > Team stats.

With up to 90 days of historical data, you can analyze:

  1. Time averages across your team.

  2. Time spent across meeting types.

  3. Focus time productivity.

  4. Work-life balance trends.

  5. Future data for team capacity planning.

Team productivity tracking, done differently

What makes Reclaim’s Team Analytics different is that the report offers quantitative insight as to where time is being spent across the organization, but without compromising the privacy of individual team members.

Instead, the reports are averaged across all team members — with the goal to protect more productive focus time, get meetings under control, and improve work-life balance for everyone on your team.

Viewing Team Stats

Here's how to pull up data for a select timeframe and customize how team stats are displayed:

Select data grouping preferences

Select how you want to group data across your selected time range.

  • Auto-group: Automatically adjusts grouping to best display stats based on set time range.

  • Group by day: Display stats by day in selected time range.

  • Group by week: Display stats by work week in selected time range.

Set report time range

Display up to 12 weeks of historical data by selecting your time range you want to report on in the drop down.

You can manually select a custom time range, or quick-select the last 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 12 weeks.

Team productivity & work-life balance stats

To protect everyone's privacy, team stats are calculated as an average across all team members vs. individual stats for the selected grouping and time range.

Time breakdown

Average weekly time spent across:

  • Team meetings

  • External meetings

  • One-on-ones

  • Travel

  • Breaks

  • Vacation

  • Deep work

  • Shallow work

Hover over each section to see hourly average across the team.

Time breakdown trend

Trend overview of time spent across events, by day or week. Hover over bars to see detailed average hourly breakdown of stats across the team.

Work Habits & Tasks

Average time spent between Tasks and Work Habits, by day or week. Hover over bars to see detailed average hourly breakdown of stats across the team.

Focus Time

Time spent on deep work (solo work sessions over 2h) and shallow work (solo work sessions under 2h).

Workdays are marked in a gradient based on the average range of time spent in deep vs. shallow work, and the team's most productive day of the week is also highlighted.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance stats across:

  • Time defended for Personal Habits

  • Meetings scheduled outside of working hours

  • Vacation hours taken

Time in meetings

The volume of meetings broken down as a percentage of your team for the selected time range, marked in a gradient from 0% to 100%.

Hover over graph to see percentage of meeting hours across your team.

Meeting breakdown

Time breakdown of time spent in different meeting types, including:

  • Team meetings

  • External meetings

  • One-on-one meetings

Workdays are marked in a gradient based on the amount of meetings scheduled on the team's calendar, with the heaviest and lightest meeting days also highlighted.

Highlight stats

Overview of total hours defended for productive Focus Time, time in meetings scheduled via Scheduling Links, decompression breaks between meetings, and travel time booked.

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