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Prevent scheduling issues caused by Google's anti-spam feature
Prevent scheduling issues caused by Google's anti-spam feature

Google's anti-spam updates can cause invites for Reclaim events to not auto-schedule properly. Update event settings to avoid this issue.

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Google recently updated its anti-spam settings which automatically opted many users to hide event invitations in their calendars. This can cause invites sent from third-party booking tools (like Reclaim) to not automatically schedule on an attendee's calendar.

Unless the person sending the invitation has previously emailed the calendar owner or the calendar owner manually accepts the invite via email — the event will not be auto-scheduled on the attendee's calendar.

Invite emails might also end up in the spam folder, potentially causing users to miss a scheduled event. These updates can affect users who are booking meetings via Scheduling Links, as the invite might not get automatically added to their calendar.

You can avoid this issue for Reclaim events by updating your settings in Google Calendar and informing your attendees to do the same.

Additionally, events booked through scheduling links will not be automatically accepted as it has been indicated by Google that events not automatically accepted should help against this issue.

Updating Google Calendar event settings

To avoid scheduling issues caused by Google's anti-spam feature changes, update the 'Event settings' via your Google Calendar settings.

Under 'Event settings', expand the options under 'Add invitations to my calendar' and update the setting to From everyone.

This will allow invited events to be automatically added to your calendar when scheduled, without you having to locate the invite email and manually accept.

⚠️ Note: Your attendees will also need to make this update to prevent meeting invites being marked as spam.

Unknown sender notice

If you, or your attendee, receive an invite email and see this notice:

Select I know the sender to make sure future events from the user aren't blocked.

Scheduling Link reminder emails

If you're using Scheduling Links, you can additionally add a reminder email to send ahead of scheduled meetings, to make sure attendees are aware of the event in case it wasn't added to their calendar.

Learn more about Scheduling Link settings and enabling email reminders here.

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