If you no longer wish to use the Reclaim integration for Slack, you can easily disconnect and remove it from your Slack workspace in a few simple steps:

Disconnecting your Reclaim account from the integration

This is if you want to simply disconnect your own account from Reclaim's integration for Slack, but don't want to remove it for the entire Slack workspace.

  1. Navigate to the Reclaim app page in Slack App Directory.

  2. Click on the Configuration tab

  3. Scroll down to the Your Authorization section

  4. Click Revoke to disconnect your account from Slack.

Remove the integration from a Slack workspace

This is if you want to remove the Reclaim integration for Slack entirely from a Slack workspace.

  1. Click on the Configuration tab

  2. Scroll down to the Remove App section

  3. Click the Remove App button.

  4. Click the Remove App button on the pop-up.

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