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Adding and removing Google account emails

You can add additional emails to your Reclaim account to access other calendars that you want Reclaim to sync or consider availability from.

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Your Reclaim account can have multiple Google account emails associated with it, each of which may contain calendars that you want to use for Calendar Sync or set as Connected Calendars. You can add or remove Google accounts at any time via the Calendars section of the Reclaim UI.

Adding a Google account

  1. Go to Calendars (Profile Icon > Calendars)

  2. Click on Add another account at the bottom.

  3. Select the email address or Use another account.

  4. Navigate through the Google authentication prompts.

  5. Once connected, the email address will show in your email list. You can also select which calendars you'd like Reclaim to consider availability from by clicking Edit next to the Connected calendars section.

Removing a Google account

  1. Go to Calendars (Profile Icon > Calendars)

  2. Expand the Google account you want to delete by clicking the carat next to the account email.

  3. Click on Delete account at the bottom.

  4. Confirm that you'd like to delete the account in the modal that appears.

  5. The account will be deleted and its calendars will no longer show as connected or be usable in Calendar Sync policies.

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