Auto-lock your Habits, Tasks, and Smart Meetings

Set your events to auto-lock so your schedule doesn't change at the last minute.

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Reclaim offers options to lock your events ahead of time to prevent last-minute changes or reschedules from happening. Locked events won't reschedule automatically when booked over, and additionally will show as busy and unavailable time to others.

Events will be auto-locked:

  • When an event is manually moved or adjusted in the Planner or Google Calendar;

  • Based on your settings as outlined below.

Manage your auto-lock settings

You can tell Reclaim to automatically lock your Smart Meetings, Habits, and Tasks at the beginning of each day or week. This will run automatically between 1 AM and 2 AM in your timezone at the start of the day or week, and lock all applicable events to prevent them from moving.

To manage these settings, navigate to Settings > General.

Auto-lock features the following options:

  • Off (default for Habits and Tasks)

  • Auto-lock one day ahead (default for Smart Meetings)

  • Auto-lock one week ahead (locks on the starting day of the week)

Note: If your day or week is already locked, and you add a new Task / Habit / Smart Meetings for that time range, it will not automatically lock. To lock that newly-created event, either lock it manually, or toggle the setting on and off again.

How to unlock an event

Events will be unlocked when:

  • You unlock them directly by right-clicking on the event and selecting the Unlock option from the context menu;

  • You delete or use the Reschedule option;

  • You or an attendee decline the event (Smart Meetings only).

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