Two ways to tell Todoist to use your personal vs. working hours for Tasks:

  1. Use the reclaim_personal tag on any item in Todoist (this tag is automatically created for you when you set up the integration)

  2. Use type:personal or type:work in the title of the Todoist item, as shown below.

Example of using type:

  • To create a task for 2 hours to wash the dishes during your personal hours, type the following into the title field of your Todoist item: Wash the dishes (type:personal) [2h]

  • To create a task to create a slide deck for 4 hours during your work hours, type the following into the title of your Todoist item: Create slide deck (type:work) [4h]

By default, if no type: is specified, Reclaim will use your working hours.

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