Sync a Jira issue to Reclaim

What's needed to sync a Jira issue to Reclaim

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Reclaim requires the Jira issue to have:

  • an estimate using the Original estimate field in Jira

  • a due date and/or fix version and/or Sprint, and

  • be assigned to a user with an email registered in Reclaim who has the integration enabled.

A Jira issue that does not have all the required fields Reclaim needs in order to sync it will show what is needed for the sync to work:

Manual sync

The Schedule via Reclaim button will sync the issue to Reclaim to start blocking time for the Task on your calendar.

Synced issue

A Jira issue that has a sync to Reclaim will show:

  • A link to the associated Task in Reclaim.

  • The Task's first scheduled event.

Note: sometimes you'll need to refresh your browser in order to see updated states on your Jira issues.

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