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Updating billing details and making changes to your subscription
Updating billing details and making changes to your subscription
Easily manage you and your team's subscription right in Reclaim, and update billing details in Stripe.
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You can make easily make self-service changes to your Reclaim plan via the Billing & Team page by clicking on Account in the top right corner. Note that only account admins can manage billing for their team.

From this page, you can view your team's seat usage, and make changes to your billing details or plan subscription. If you have any questions about updating these settings, you can always contact us for assistance.

Adding or removing paid seats

Reclaim's plans scale according to your team size:

  • Lite is available for any single user.

  • Starter is for teams of up to 10 users.

  • Business is for teams of up to 100 users.

  • Enterprise is for teams of more than 100 users.

To make edits to the number of paid seats on your Reclaim team, click the Change Plan button.

Here you can view the details of your current subscription and compare available plans. To increase or decrease the quantity of seats in your plan, update the user number to your new team size and click Select on the applicable plan.

If you are adding or removing seats to an existing paid subscription, you'll see a few lines in the confirmation module. These show the remaining credit on your existing plan that will be carried over, the new cost of your updated plan and when it renews, and the amount that is due now to upgrade your team.

Review billing details carefully and add any promo codes to automatically apply other discounts. Click Continue to confirm your purchase.

Note: When you make changes to your subscription, your new billing cycle will reset to the new date of purchase moving forward.

Changing plan type or billing frequency

Updating your subscription is easy, and it's just as simple to modify whether you're on a monthly or yearly billing frequency. Click Change plan as shown above, and toggle to Monthly or Yearly.

Review the summary of changes and billing details in the confirmation module. Click Continue to update your subscription. This will also reset the billing cycle to your new day of purchase.

Updating your billing details or payment method

You can update the billing details or payment method for your Reclaim subscription at any time. Note that historical invoices will still reflect your old billing details and payment method, and cannot be reissued due to limitations of Stripe.

To update your payment method or billing info, click Update billing details in the Billing & Teams page to navigate to Stripe.

Here, you can make securely changes to your payment information and billing details for your Reclaim subscription.

View invoice history

At the bottom of the page, you can also review your full payment history and view/download past invoices.

Canceling or pausing your subscription

You can also cancel or pause your subscription at any time. Please note that we do not issue refunds for annual plans. If you cancel ahead of your annual renewal you will continue to have access to the platform through your subscription's end date.

To cancel or pause your subscription, head over to the Stripe billing portal as shown above and click the Cancel plan button.

Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription, which will prevent it from renewing but retain access to paid features through the end of your billing period.

Pause your subscription

You can also pause your subscription, which will suspend charges to the plan and allow you to resume at a later date. This is more useful for those on month-to-month plans.

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