In Reclaim, you can work alongside your teammates by creating a team. If there are others in your domain who have already created a team, you may also be able to join the team depending on the permissions the team has set. You can also leave your team at any time, but you may lose functionality if you do so.

Joining a team

There are three ways to join a team in Reclaim:

  1. You can create one and invite people to it.

  2. You can be invited to the team directly.

  3. You can join an existing team if its permissions are set to allow it.

If Reclaim detects that there are others in your domain that are using Reclaim, you'll be prompted to add others to your team when you're in the Billing and Team interface.

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You can create a team and invite others to it by clicking the Create a team button. Alternatively, if you've been invited to an existing team, you can join another one that way.

Lastly, you may see prompts to join existing teams in the Billing and Team interface if there are Reclaim teams with 2 or more users within your domain, and if their team allows for it. Depending on the team's settings, you'll either be able to request to join or join the team automatically.

Leaving your Reclaim team

You can leave a team at anytime, unless you are the sole admin for the team. Leaving a team is different than deleting your account; it won't get rid of any of your existing data in Reclaim. However, you may lose access to functionality if you had a paid seat assigned from an existing subscription in that team.

To leave your team:

  1. Go to Billing and Team.

  2. Click Edit next to your username at the top of the list.

  3. Click on the Leave team icon.

  4. Click Confirm to leave your team.

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